Mitterreither-van Dam Organ



The organ of the Lokhorstkerk in Leiden was built by Johannes Mitterreither in 1774 as a one-manual instrument with a pull-down pedalboard. In 1807, Lambertus van Dam enlarged it with an upper manual for a modest Positive division. In the next two centuries, several alterations were introduced to meet the changing musical fashions.
In 1999, Flentrop Orgelbouw (NL) restored the organ to its properties and appearance of 1807. The present disposition is:

Great division C-f3
Bourdon 16′ (half stop C-d°) (D)
Prestant 8′ (M)
Holpijp 8′ (M))
Quintadena 8′ (F)
Octaaf 4′ (M)
Fluit 4′ (M)
Octaaf 2′ (M)
Sexquialter (2-fold) bass/disc. (F)
Cornet (4-fold) discant (F)
Trompet 8′ bass/disc. (F)

Positive division C-f3
Holpijp 8′ (D)
Prestant 8′ discant (D)
Fluit d’Amour 4′ (D
Spitsfluit 2′ (?)
Tremulant (F)

Pedalboard: C-c1

Coupler Gd-Pd, Calcant

Temperament: Kirnberger III (from 1779). Pitch: a’ = 440 Hz at about 20°C.
Wind system: electrical blower or calcant operation of 2 bellows (wind pressure 70 mm Aq).
Pipes are from Mitterreither (M), Van Dam (D), and from Flentrop (F) made after the design of Mitterreither/Van Dam.